A Beginning, A Middle And An End (Organ, 7'00'') First performance: Kevin Bowyer, Reid Memorial Church, Edinburgh 14/09/2002

All Done with Mirrors (Piano, 5’00”) First performance: Isobel Ettanauer, Vestry Hall, London 30/03/2000

Background Music (Organ, 5’00”) First performance: Kevin Bowyer, Glasgow University Chapel 27/01/2007

Drosten (Piano, 5’00”) First performance: Mark Spalding Dundee 09/02/2012

Fractions of Moments (Piano, 5’00”) Bobby Mitchell, Piano: Den Haag 26/08/2012

Happily Ever After (Piano, 4’00”) First performance: Peter Evans, Reid Concert Hall, Edinburgh 24/03/1996

Pipedream (Organ, 7'00'')

Red All Over (Two Pianos, 8’00”)

Seven Pieces (organ version by Michael Bonaventure of Seven Short Piano Pieces) (Organ, 13'40'') Michael Bonaventure (organ): Barclay Church Edinburgh 07/09/2018

Seven Short Piano Pieces (Piano, 11'11'') First Performance: Antony Clare, Edinburgh 09/03/2011

Taking Time (Piano, 2’00”)

Through Thick and Thin (Organ, 6’00”) First performance: Kevin Bowyer, Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival 24/11/1999

Wave (Organ, 5’00”)

Wondrous Machine (Organ, 5’00”) First performance: Kevin Bowyer, Manchester Cathedral 07/03/1998

Xenia Music (Piano, 3’00”) First Performance: Xenia Pestova, Unitarian Church of Montreal, Canada 17/06/2009

A Nest of Cellos (Cello, 6’00”)

A Serious Matter (Violin, 10'00'') First performance: Kees Hilhorst, Veenendaal, Netherlands 25/09/2004

Extra Time (Bass Saxophone, 5’00”) First performance: Andreas van Zoelen, Tilburg, Netherlands 04/04/1999

Gasp (Accordion, 8’00”)

Here We Go Round (Clarinet, 7'00'') First performance: Shinobu Miki, Gallery of Modern Art, Glasgow 02/06/2001

Interval (Violin, 3’00”) First performance: Feargus Hetherington, Whitespace Gallery, Edinburgh 07/06/2012
Watch this on YouTube

Line (Flute) Richard Craig, Scottish Arts Club, Edinburgh 01/03/2020

Matchstick Music (Violin, 9’00”) First performance: Kees Hilhorst, Leiden, Netherlands 17/05/2002

Mirror (Violin, 9'00") First Performance: Feargus Hetherington, Iota Gallery, Glasgow 18/03/2017
You can watch Feargus Hetherington perform this on YouTube.

Morph (Viola, 6’00”) First Performance: Kees Hilhorst, Groede, Netherlands 27/08/2007

Next (Violin, 13'00'') First performance: Feargus Hetherington, Henderson's Gallery, Edinburgh 30/09/2010

One More Time (Bass Saxophone, 5’00”) First performance: Andreas van Zoelen, Tilburg, Netherlands 23/06/2003

Ornament (Cor Anglais, 1'00'') First performance: Anne Goldberg (Cor Anglais) New York City 10/03/2013
Watch the whole concert here:Ornament begins at 8'40''

Slow (Solo Violin, 3’00”) First performance: Kees Hilhorst, Geldermalsen (Netherlands) 09/04/2016

The Bottom Line (Double Bass, 6’30”)

While We Wait (Contrabass Clarinet, 3'00'') Sarah Watts, Raasay Distillery 11/04/2019

All Alone (14 instruments, 10’00”) First performance: de Ereprijs, Nijmegen, Netherlands 25/04/2004

And Another Thing (Clarinet, 10’00”) First performance:New Zealand Clarinet Quartet, Wellington, NZ 18/08/2011

Bar Codes (Violin, Clarinet, 1'00'') First performance: Kees Hilhorst, Violin: Tui Clark, Clarinet: Beek- Ubbergen, Netherlands 02/02/2013

Between (2 bass clarinets, 8’32”) First performance: Edinburgh Napier University 24/02/2010

Catch The Moments As They Fly (4 Bb Clarinets, 1'00'') First performance: New Zealand Clarinet Quartet: Wellington (NZ) 28/03/2010

Conversation (violin, clarinet, cello, speaker) First performance: Musings Ensemble: Arnhem, Netherlands 29/06/2014

Double (Alto flute, Bass clarinet) First Performance: Rarescale (Carla Rees, Sarah Watts) Raasay 01/04/2009

Five Trumpets (Five Trumpets, 6’00'') First Performance: Students of St. Mary's music school, St. Mary's Cathedral, Edinburgh 22/02/2013

Full of Noises (Eb Cl, B-Cl, Cello, 8’00”) First performance: 175 East, Hopetoun Alpha New Zealand 1998

Goings On (Bass Clarinet/Piano, 10'00'') First performance: SCAW: Sarah Watts - Bass Clarinet, Antony Clare - piano, Raasay 14/04/2010

How Long Things Last (String quartet, 8’00”) First performance: New Zealand String Quartet, Glasgow/Edinburgh 29/11/2001

Lines and Spaces (Cello and Piano, 9’00”) First performance: Frances-Marie Uitti, Ananda Sukarlan, Edinburgh 22/02/1998

Low Trio (Contrabass flute, contrabass clarinet, contrabassoon, 2'30") First Performance: Rarescale, St. James Church, Paddington, London 21/06/2018

Metal Music (Brass Quintet, 9’00”)

Movement (String Quartet, 9’00”)

Moving Parts (fl/picc, cl/bass, ob/cor, tpt, trom, 8’00”)

Music For Two (Clarinet and Piano, 5’00”) First performance: Anna McGregor, Clarinet; Claire Harris, Piano, St. Marks Artspace, Edinburgh 14/07/2012

Music For Two (Viola and Piano, 5’00”) First performance: Kees Hilhorst, Viola; Thijs Rault, Piano, Velhorst, Netherlands 10/02/2013

Noise Enough (Piano and Accordion, 11'00'') First performance: An-ti-fon Queens Hall Edinburgh 15/03/2004

On Bartok Street (Oboe and Bass Sax, 6’00'') First performance: Spectrum Duo, Netherlands 15/04/2001

Partita (violin, clarinet, 7'30") First Performance: Kees Hilhorst, violin; Tui Clark, clarinet - Remonstrantse Kerk, Oosterbeek, Netherlands 19/01/2019

Play (fl/cl/vn/cello/pno, 10'00'') First performance: Jane’s Minstrels, Spittalfields Winter Festival, London 10/12/2003

Quartet (Viola, Clarinet) First performance: Kees Hilhorst, viola / Tui Clark, clarinet, Amsterdam, Netherlands 05/10/2014

Quint (Wind Quintet, 6’00'')

Random Access (String Quartet, 5’30”)

Segue (2 Violas, 3’00”) First Performance: Feargus Hetherington, Viola: Alexa Beattie, Viola, Haddington 28/12/2012

Taking Shape (Bass Clarinet and Piano, 8’00”) First performance: SCAW, Nottingham 27/10/2007
Taking Shape is performed by SCAW on "Timeless Shades", a double-cd of contemporary British music for bass clarinet and piano. It can be purchased athttps://www.amazon.co.uk/timeless-shades-SCAW/dp/B01AXLYMP4

The Difference Between Similar Things (String Trio, 11'00'')

Three (Clarinet, violin, cello, 4’00”) First performance: Ensemble Ruspoli, Oosterbeek and Arnhem (Netherlands) 18/06/2016

Trio (Flute, bass clarinet, piano, 6'00") Dana Morgan, Sarah Watts, Antony Clare; Nottingham Forum for Artistic Research, Djanogly Recital Hall, Nottingham University 24/03/2017

Twine (Viola and Cello, 8’00”) First performance: Hebrides Ensemble, Greyfriars Church Edinburgh 20/03/2006

Two’s Company (Cl/vn/cello, 7'00'') First performance: Chamber Group of Scotland, Aberdeen 27/03/1996

Uneasy Pieces (Piano Trio, 10'00'') First performance: Elole trio, Dresden, Germany 22/11/2006

Ut Re Mi (Ensemble Aleph) First performance: Paris 04/06/2013

violinViola (Violin/Viola, 1'00'') First performance: andPlay (Maya Bennardo, violin: Hannah Levinson, viola) New York City 26/01/2014
Watch the whole concet here:violinViola begins at 4'28"

When Suddenly (Horn Trio, 10'00'') First performance: Don Banks Trio, Arnhem, Netherlands 21/05/2000

A Map of Memories (2 sop, 2 mezzo, harp, 11'00'')

Et Tout d’un Coup (Soprano + bcl/tpt/vn/cello/pno, 6’00'') First performance: Ensemble Aleph, Paris, France 09/08/2000

Four Songs (Voice and piano, 10'00'') First performance: Clare and David Lesser, BMIC London 2002

Long Night (SATB, 5’00”) First performance: Capella Nova, Glasgow/Edinburgh/Aberdeen/Stirling December 1997

Lost in Translation (Voice and piano, 8’00”)

Marrow To Thy Bones (SATB, 8’00”)

Moon Music (Soprano + fl/bcl/vn/cello/pno, 8’00”) First performance: Jane Manning/Jane’s Minstrels, Kingston University 24/06/2005

Secondary Texts (Soprano and piano, 7'00'') First performance: Clare and David Lesser BMIC London 18/02/2003

Soundbites (Soprano + Eb cl/accordion/cello/pno/perc, 2’00”) First performance: Ensemble Aleph, Bath Festival 04/06/1999

Three Translations of Silence (Soprano and piano, 6’00'') First performance: Clare and David Lesser, BMIC London 2001

All Done With Mirrors (Chamber orchestra version, 5’00”)

Equal Parts (Piano and chamber orchestra, 10'00'') First performance: Xenia Pestova, piano: Luxembourg Sinfonietta/Marcel Wenger, Luxembourg 14/10/2006
CD Recording available from Luxembourg Sinfonettia:www.lgnm.lu/html/recordings

Every Moment Alters (Orchestra, 11'00'') First performance: BBC Philharmonic/James MacMillan, Manchester 18/12/2004

From Time To Time (Chamber orchestra, 12'00'') First performance: Meadows Chamber Orchestra, Queens Hall Edinburgh 02/12/2000

Kaleidoscope (Chamber orchestra, 13'00'') First performance: New Edinburgh Orchestra, Edinburgh 09/12/2006

Pieces of Pieces (Piano + 8 instruments, 10'00'') First performance: Britten Sinfonia/Richard Baker, Spittalfields Festival 21/06/2003

The Shape of Things (Chamber orchestra, 7'00'') First performance: New Edinburgh Orchestra, Edinburgh 30/11/2002

Carter 100: Changing Time in The Drouth (Spring 2009)

Le Sacre Lunaire 100 in The Drouth #45 (Spring 2013)

Music in Revolution The Drouth, October 2017

“The End of Time: a Biblical Theme in Messiaen’s Quartet” in The Messiaen Companion ed. Peter Hill Faber 1992.