A Beginning, A Middle And An End (Organ, 7'00'') First performance: Kevin Bowyer, Reid Memorial Church, Edinburgh 14/09/2002

All Done with Mirrors (Piano, 5’00”) First performance: Isobel Ettanauer, Vestry Hall, London 30/03/2000

Background Music (Organ, 5’00”) First performance: Kevin Bowyer, Glasgow University Chapel 27/01/2007

Drosten (Piano, 5’00”) First performance: Mark Spalding Dundee 09/02/2012

Fractions of Moments (Piano, 5’00”) Bobby Mitchell, Piano: Den Haag 26/08/2012

Happily Ever After (Piano, 4’00”) First performance: Peter Evans, Reid Concert Hall, Edinburgh 24/03/1996

LX (Piano, 3'57'') First performance: Antony Clare, piano: Nottingham 21/05/2024

Movement of Air (Flute and organ) Movement of Air for organ and flute is located in the "Works - Chamber" page, and also on the "Sounds" page.

Pipedream (Organ, 7'00'')

Red All Over (Two Pianos, 8’00”)

Seven Pieces (organ version by Michael Bonaventure of Seven Short Piano Pieces) (Organ, 13'40'') Michael Bonaventure (organ): Barclay Church Edinburgh 07/09/2018

Seven Short Piano Pieces (Piano, 11'11'') First Performance: Antony Clare, Edinburgh 09/03/2011

Taking Time (Piano, 2’00”)

Through Thick and Thin (Organ, 6’00”) First performance: Kevin Bowyer, Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival 24/11/1999

Wave (Organ, 5’00”)

Wondrous Machine (Organ, 5’00”) First performance: Kevin Bowyer, Manchester Cathedral 07/03/1998

Xenia Music (Piano, 3’00”) First Performance: Xenia Pestova, Unitarian Church of Montreal, Canada 17/06/2009

A minute of your time (Cello, 1'00) First performance: Wouter Hilhorst, Rotterdam, Netherlands 9th October 2022

A Nest of Cellos (Cello, 6’00”)

A Serious Matter (Violin, 10'00'') First performance: Kees Hilhorst, Veenendaal, Netherlands 25/09/2004

Extra Time (Bass Saxophone, 5’00”) First performance: Andreas van Zoelen, Tilburg, Netherlands 04/04/1999

Gasp (Accordion, 8’00”)

Geometry of Air (Bass clarinet)
Written for Sarah Watts.Published by Metropolis Music: Matheson - Geometry of Air - BC6926EM | United Music and Media Publishers (ummpstore.com)

GF (+E) (Violin) Glasgow University Concert Hall. Alasdair Campbell, violin 22/04/2024

Here We Go Round (Clarinet, 7'00'') First performance: Shinobu Miki, Gallery of Modern Art, Glasgow 02/06/2001

Interval (Violin, 3’00”) First performance: Feargus Hetherington, Whitespace Gallery, Edinburgh 07/06/2012
Watch this on YouTube

Line (Flute) First Complete Performance, Richard Craig, St. Peter's church, Lutton Place, Edinburgh. 19/05/2020

Matchstick Music (Violin, 9’00”) First performance: Kees Hilhorst, Leiden, Netherlands 17/05/2002

Mirror (Violin, 9'00") First Performance: Feargus Hetherington, Iota Gallery, Glasgow 18/03/2017
You can watch Feargus Hetherington perform this on YouTube.

Morph (Viola, 6’00”) First Performance: Kees Hilhorst, Groede, Netherlands 27/08/2007

Next (Violin, 13'00'') First performance: Feargus Hetherington, Henderson's Gallery, Edinburgh 30/09/2010

One More Time (Bass Saxophone, 5’00”) First performance: Andreas van Zoelen, Tilburg, Netherlands 23/06/2003

Ornament (Cor Anglais, 1'00'') First performance: Anne Goldberg (Cor Anglais) New York City 10/03/2013
Watch the whole concert here:Ornament begins at 8'40''

Slow (Solo Violin, 3’00”) First performance: Kees Hilhorst, Geldermalsen (Netherlands) 09/04/2016

The Bottom Line (Double Bass, 6’30”)

While We Wait (Contrabass Clarinet, 3'00'') Sarah Watts, Raasay Distillery 11/04/2019
One of Ten Wee Drams by Scottish composers for bass/contrabass clarinet,which is published by Scottish Music Centre

All Alone (14 instruments, 10’00”) First performance: de Ereprijs, Nijmegen, Netherlands 25/04/2004

And Another Thing (Eb clarinet, 2 Bb clarinets, bass clarinet, 10’00”) First performance:New Zealand Clarinet Quartet, Wellington, NZ 18/08/2011

Bar Codes (Violin, Clarinet, 1'00'') First performance: Kees Hilhorst, Violin: Tui Clark, Clarinet: Beek- Ubbergen, Netherlands 02/02/2013

Between (2 bass clarinets, 8’32”) First performance: Edinburgh Napier University 24/02/2010

Catch The Moments As They Fly (4 Bb Clarinets, 1'00'') First performance: New Zealand Clarinet Quartet: Wellington (NZ) 28/03/2010

Conversation (violin, clarinet, cello, speaker) First performance: Musings Ensemble: Arnhem, Netherlands 29/06/2014

Double (Alto flute, Bass clarinet) First Performance: Rarescale (Carla Rees, Sarah Watts) Raasay 01/04/2009

Five Trumpets (Five Trumpets, 6’00'') First Performance: Students of St. Mary's music school, St. Mary's Cathedral, Edinburgh 22/02/2013

Full of Noises (Eb Cl, B-Cl, Cello, 8’00”) First performance: 175 East, Hopetoun Alpha New Zealand 1998

Goings On (Bass Clarinet/Piano, 10'00'') First performance: SCAW: Sarah Watts - Bass Clarinet, Antony Clare - piano, Raasay 14/04/2010

How Long Things Last (String quartet, 8’00”) First performance: New Zealand String Quartet, Glasgow/Edinburgh 29/11/2001

Lines and Spaces (Cello and Piano, 9’00”) First performance: Frances-Marie Uitti, Ananda Sukarlan, Edinburgh 22/02/1998

Low Trio (Contrabass flute, contrabass clarinet, contrabassoon, 2'30") First Performance: Rarescale, St. James Church, Paddington, London 21/06/2018

Melos (Clarinet, Violin, Piano) First Performance: Ensemble Ruspoli, Remonstrantse Kerk, Oosterbeek, Netherlands. 10/10/2021

Metal Music (Brass Quintet, 9’00”)

Movement (String Quartet, 9’00”)

Movement of Air (Flute and organ) First Performance: Michael Bonaventure, organ: Richard Craig, flute. St. Machar's Cathedral, Aberdeen 4.00pm 28/10/2023

Moving Parts (fl/picc, cl/bass, ob/cor, tpt, trom, 8’00”)

Music For Two (Clarinet and Piano, 5’00”) First performance: Anna McGregor, Clarinet; Claire Harris, Piano, St. Marks Artspace, Edinburgh 14/07/2012

Music For Two (Viola and Piano, 5’00”) First performance: Kees Hilhorst, Viola; Thijs Rault, Piano, Velhorst, Netherlands 10/02/2013

Noise Enough (Piano and Accordion, 11'00'') First performance: An-ti-fon Queens Hall Edinburgh 15/03/2004

On Bartok Street (Oboe and Bass Sax, 6’00'') First performance: Spectrum Duo, Netherlands 15/04/2001

Partita (violin, clarinet, 7'30") First Performance: Kees Hilhorst, violin; Tui Clark, clarinet - Remonstrantse Kerk, Oosterbeek, Netherlands 19/01/2019

Play (fl/cl/vn/cello/pno, 10'00'') First performance: Jane’s Minstrels, Spittalfields Winter Festival, London 10/12/2003

Quartet (Viola, Clarinet) First performance: Kees Hilhorst, viola / Tui Clark, clarinet, Amsterdam, Netherlands 05/10/2014

Quint (Wind Quintet, 6’00'')

Random Access (String Quartet, 5’30”)

Segue (2 Violas, 3’00”) First Performance: Feargus Hetherington, Viola: Alexa Beattie, Viola, Haddington 28/12/2012

Taking Shape (Bass Clarinet and Piano, 8’00”) First performance: SCAW, Nottingham 27/10/2007
Taking Shape is performed by SCAW on "Timeless Shades", a double-cd of contemporary British music for bass clarinet and piano. It can be purchased athttps://www.amazon.co.uk/timeless-shades-SCAW/dp/B01AXLYMP4

The Difference Between Similar Things (String Trio, 11'00'')

The Well (Violin, Cello, Piano) Feargus Hetherington violin: Robert Anderson cello: Edward Cohen, piano 2023
Iain's piano trio "The Well" was commissioned during lockdown by Charlie and Christine Scott on behalf of the Scottish Arts Trust.
Listen to it on the Arts Trust website:Napier Notes - Book Now — Scottish Arts Trust

Three (Clarinet, violin, cello, 4’00”) First performance: Ensemble Ruspoli, Oosterbeek and Arnhem (Netherlands) 18/06/2016

Trio (Flute, bass clarinet, piano, 6'00") Dana Morgan, Sarah Watts, Antony Clare; Nottingham Forum for Artistic Research, Djanogly Recital Hall, Nottingham University 24/03/2017

Twine (Viola and Cello, 8’00”) First performance: Hebrides Ensemble, Greyfriars Church Edinburgh 20/03/2006

Two’s Company (Cl/vn/cello, 7'00'') First performance: Chamber Group of Scotland, Aberdeen 27/03/1996

Uneasy Pieces (Piano Trio, 10'00'') First performance: Elole trio, Dresden, Germany 22/11/2006

Ut Re Mi (Ensemble Aleph) First performance: Paris 04/06/2013

violinViola (Violin/Viola, 1'00'') First performance: andPlay (Maya Bennardo, violin: Hannah Levinson, viola) New York City 26/01/2014
Watch the whole concet here:violinViola begins at 4'28"

Vox (Soprano, Eb clarinet, viola) First performance: Arnhem, Netherlands. Performers: Dorien Verheijden (soprano), Tui Clark (Eb clarinet), Kees Hilhorst (viola) 30/09/2023

When Suddenly (Horn Trio, 10'00'') First performance: Don Banks Trio, Arnhem, Netherlands 21/05/2000

XC (Cello, piano) First performance: Scottish Arts Club, Edinburgh. Louise McMonagle, cello; Joseph Havlat, piano. 12/05/2024

A Map of Memories (2 sop, 2 mezzo, harp, 11'00'')

Et Tout d’un Coup (Soprano + bcl/tpt/vn/cello/pno, 6’00'') First performance: Ensemble Aleph, Paris, France 09/08/2000

Four Songs (Voice and piano, 10'00'') First performance: Clare and David Lesser, BMIC London 2002

Long Night (SATB, 5’00”) First performance: Capella Nova, Glasgow/Edinburgh/Aberdeen/Stirling December 1997

Lost in Translation (Voice and piano, 8’00”)

Marrow To Thy Bones (SATB, 8’00”)

Moon Music (Soprano + fl/bcl/vn/cello/pno, 8’00”) First performance: Jane Manning/Jane’s Minstrels, Kingston University 24/06/2005

Secondary Texts (Soprano and piano, 7'00'') First performance: Clare and David Lesser BMIC London 18/02/2003

Soundbites (Soprano + Eb cl/accordion/cello/pno/perc, 2’00”) First performance: Ensemble Aleph, Bath Festival 04/06/1999

Three Translations of Silence (Soprano and piano, 6’00'') First performance: Clare and David Lesser, BMIC London 2001

Vox (Soprano, Eb clarinet, viola., 5'23'') Dorien Verheijden, soprano; Tui Clark, Eb clarinet; Hans Rijkmans, viola; First performance: 30th September 2023, Arnhem, Netherlands

All Done With Mirrors (Chamber orchestra version, 5’00”)

Equal Parts (Piano and chamber orchestra, 10'00'') First performance: Xenia Pestova, piano: Luxembourg Sinfonietta/Marcel Wenger, Luxembourg 14/10/2006
CD Recording available from Luxembourg Sinfonettia:www.lgnm.lu/html/recordings

Every Moment Alters (Orchestra, 11'00'') First performance: BBC Philharmonic/James MacMillan, Manchester 18/12/2004

From Time To Time (Chamber orchestra, 12'00'') First performance: Meadows Chamber Orchestra, Queens Hall Edinburgh 02/12/2000

Kaleidoscope (Chamber orchestra, 13'00'') First performance: New Edinburgh Orchestra, Edinburgh 09/12/2006

Pieces of Pieces (Piano + 8 instruments, 10'00'') First performance: Britten Sinfonia/Richard Baker, Spittalfields Festival 21/06/2003

The Shape of Things (Chamber orchestra, 7'00'') First performance: New Edinburgh Orchestra, Edinburgh 30/11/2002

Carter 100: Changing Time in The Drouth (Spring 2009)

Le Sacre Lunaire 100 in The Drouth #45 (Spring 2013)

Music in Revolution The Drouth, October 2017

“The End of Time: a Biblical Theme in Messiaen’s Quartet” in The Messiaen Companion ed. Peter Hill Faber 1992.